I’ve been seeing Megan Jett consistently every other week, for about 6 months now, and I can’t recommend her enough! I’ve bounced around between different massage therapists and businesses for a couple years before finding Under Pressure, and I’ve had some very good and not so good massages during that time. I’m so so grateful that I booked with Megan, and I like the ability to look at her schedule and book online! She is always friendly, thoughtful, and takes the time to find out exactly what my body is needing at the time. She always makes sure I’m comfortable and warm enough! I have considerable neck and back tension, and she has made my day-to-day significantly more manageable. She’s even recommended stretches that I can do at home to help with my problem areas. What I like most about Megan is how thorough she is and that every motion she makes is targeted and purposeful… She doesn’t coast through sessions! I also like the ambiance of her room. She has beautiful fabric draped on the ceiling and a nicely decorated and relaxing room. I highly, HIGHLY recommend her! If you have chronic issues or need to relax, book with her and start on your path to healing!

Hanna A.

Every time I have gone to get a massage I have left on cloud nine. The staff helped me recover from a car accident that caused whiplash and TMJ. They got me moving again and made the process so easy with my insurance!

(Google Review)

Leah H.