Welcome to Under Pressure Therapeutics, Fort Collins’ Deep Tissue Massage Clinic! We specialize in bodywork to help with not only chronic or acute pain and limited range of motion, but also post-injury or post-operation issues, athletic performance and recovery, and much more! That mainly includes modalities such as Deep Tissue Massage, Rehabilitative Massage, and Sports Massage. If you have a need for massage, we can probably fill it. At Under Pressure Therapeutics, we strive to give you the massage you need, not necessarily the one you want; although, we do listen to you and adjust our techniques to fit with what you can handle.


We recently launched our Gemstone Membership Programs, which are designed to help you feel better more often for less.


Call / Text (970) 286-0033 or book online to set up your appointment today!


We are currently reorganizing our website; thank you for your patience in this process.



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We are always trying to figure out what will work best for our clients. For each client, we first must ask questions to figure out what modalities will fit your needs and aid in your health and wellness goals before we get started. This ensures that you will get the right massage for you. This also ensures that your health history will be taken into account and that the correct modalities will be used and the necessary precautions will be advised. We will determine if you need a Swedish Massage, a Deep Tissue Massage, more of a Sports Massage, or maybe you need some Rehabilitative Massage Therapy. Take a look at the Services page to see which therapist or modality might be best for you or Book Online.


We strive to educate our clientele about massage and other bodyworks that can really benefit their lives and continue to broaden their horizons and give them hope to know that there is a way out of pain and discomfort. Please check out our blog for our articles or our Massage is Good For…? tab to learn more about what you want to know. You can also email marissa@uptmassage.com if you have a topic you want to know more about.


Under Pressure Therapeutics was created by Marissa Orchard shortly after graduating from IBMC for Therapeutic Massage in May of 2010.  Fort Collins is a great place to be with many people who understand the benefits of regular deep tissue massage as well as those interested in taking care of issues through “alternative” medicine. (We say “alternative” because we feel that it is the best way to go for caring for oneself.) To find out more about our Therapists, please visit the Meet the Team page!


Are you interested in having on-site chair massage at your work? Massage has been proven to increase cognitive function and productivity in the workplace. For more information, contact Marissa by calling / texting (970) 286-0033 or emailing her at marissa@uptmassage.com.


Thank you for visiting this site. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have through our Contact Us page. For new patients, your intake forms should be sent to your email. Please fill it out in its entirety prior to your first appointment.


Don’t miss out on our Newsroom for great information about massage, aromatherapy, and more.

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Eleanor has provided me with two 90 minute massages my back and abs were bothering me and she did an excellent job! My wife had a 90 minute massage with Megan and was also very satisfied with the massage.
    We were thinking about scheduling another massage with these 2 excellent therapists.
    I was wondering if you have any special rates available at this time?

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