Hurts So Good

"If this whole massage thing doesn't work out for you, you could get a job with the CIA torturing people." "You have elbows of a sadistic angel!" "This is rough, man! And I'm paying for this pain!!" These are only a few of the things I hear from clients when I'm causing a bit of … Continue reading Hurts So Good

Don’t Be a Pain in the Butt!!

I am always surprised when a client does not want their glutes massaged. I understand that it may be personal and you might be uncomfortable with the idea, but maybe I can explain why it's so important for me to work your glutes! Your spine works as a unit, meaning from the base of your … Continue reading Don’t Be a Pain in the Butt!!

Insurance Can Cover Care

That's right! Under Pressure Therapeutics is officially billing insurance! However, it is only currently for car accidents and workman's compensation cases. We will slowly be introducing more insurance coverage throughout the year. Everyone knows someone (or has been that someone) who has been in a car accident. If you are among the fortunate, you walk … Continue reading Insurance Can Cover Care

Are Hot Stones For You?

The summer is coming soon, which means warmer weather! Because it's warmer outside, hot stones are usually the last thing on your mind when coming in for a massage. But there are so many amazing benefits from hot stones! Heat relaxes muscles--we all know this. So why add it to your already relaxing (or a … Continue reading Are Hot Stones For You?

The Many Unexpected Benefits of Massage

There are many standard benefits that people associate with getting a massage: ~Relaxation ~Stress relief ~Decrease in mental and physical fatigue ~Decrease mental strain, improving productivity However, there are many more benefits to massage, if you find the right one for you! Because I specialize in rehabilitative massage, I can decrease scar tissue from overuse of … Continue reading The Many Unexpected Benefits of Massage