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Don’t Be a Pain in the Butt!!

I am always surprised when a client does not want their glutes massaged. I understand that it may be personal and you might be uncomfortable with the idea, but maybe I can explain why it’s so important for me to work your glutes!

Your spine works as a unit, meaning from the base of your skull down to your tailbone is so interconnected that you cannot isolate your pain to only one section of your spine! If you have neck problems, it radiates down to your mid and lower back, which radiates into your glutes. If you have leg pain (knee, ankle, etc.), then your glutes will have issues I can work, since your glutes are one of the main muscles that moves your legs.


Gluteus maximusEven if you sit on your glutes all day and don’t think you work them very much, NOT TRUE!! If you sit on them too much, you are over-stretching them! This means that when you do use them, they have to work HARDER just to do the same motions! Your glutes help you stand up, walk, sit down, run, and almost every other major motion the average person does in a day.


If that doesn’t convince you, if I don’t work your glutes, that’s 20 muscles you are not letting me work! You have 3 glute (specific) muscles, and 7 muscles that rotate your leg outward located directly under those glutes. Your gluteus maximus is the largest (or should be) muscle in your body. If you’re having pain and knots in your tiny neck muscles, why do you think you wouldn’t have knots in the largest muscle in your body?


Ultimately, it’s your massage. If you’re uncomfortable, then you’re uncomfortable. But if you are having lower back pain, leg pain, or some kind of pain that just hasn’t gone away, let me massage your glutes!


Be well.
Marissa Orchard, LMT
Written June 12, 2013