Please Be Safe

Cold weather is coming quickly! That usually means icy roads, potential accidents, unsafe conditions, and stress. Not to mention the holidays are approaching as well.
Please, please, please be safe! Leave a little earlier for work, meetings, everything. If you do get in an accident, whether or not it is your fault, please schedule a massage. Do not wait for pain in your neck or back to set in. Do not wait for a year to pass to take care of yourself. It is super important for you to take care of whiplash as quickly as possible. Here is a little fact: It only takes an impact of 10 mph to cause soft tissue damage. Your muscles are your soft tissues. This means a massage therapist can help you tremendously after an accident. We can also bill your MedPay on your car insurance for the services, so there is no reason to not come in and get yourself fixed! This also goes for anyone you know–if anyone gets in a car accident, send them to us, and we will take care of them. (You also get a bonus of $10 off for the referral!)
With it being cold outside, now is a great time to try a hot stone massage. It is so relaxing and soothing. It melts your troubles away. We also have table warmers, so we can keep you toasty during your massage experience.
~Your Under Pressure Therapeutics Team~

Meet Your Fitness Goals

Massage Therapy can enhance your overall health. I think I’ve said this before, but what I haven’t said is how it can help you meet your fitness goals, whether it’s losing weight, or meeting a body lifting goal.
A lot of people hear about how massage therapy can boost your metabolism, which helps you lose weight. This is true. To an extent. You’re not going to shed 30 pounds by simply getting a massage twice a month. While it does boost your metabolism, it doesn’t boost it THAT much.
What massage DOES do is help supply your body with more oxygen and nutrients by increasing your circulation, which helps you recover quicker from strenuous exercise and helps your muscles recover and grow. This in and of itself can help you shed extra pounds.
When your circulation improves, your muscles are supplied with necessary nutrients in a much more efficient manner. Many weight loss experts will suggest and recommend receiving regular massage during your transformation with them simply because massage takes what they are teaching you and multiplies the results. Massage will help you burn your calories even at rest because well-maintained muscles work more efficiently. By receiving massage regularly, your range of motion will also increase, which will enable you to work out harder and work your muscles in ways you haven’t been able to in a long time.
Receiving regular massages can really help you meet your fitness goals. You will be able to relax better, sleep more soundly, and recover quicker from any workout you do. It will also help you detox your body more thoroughly, so you will get more out of your detoxing systems.
Staying healthy is more than just eating right and exercise. If your tissues are not functioning as best as they can, you won’t get the results you want very quickly. Don’t hesitate to schedule a massage, especially if you have fitness goals. Our very own Justin Hays is an amazing sports massage therapist. He really has a great knowledge of what the body goes through during exercise and knows how to tailor your massage to meet your needs, whether you are a runner, line backer, or just starting in your athletic health. Book a massage with Justin to help you start meeting your fitness goals quicker.