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Brain Massage

I know what you’re thinking–brain massage? How could I possibly massage your brain? I can’t stick my fingers in your ear and poke it, and I wouldn’t want to open your skull to do that, but I do, in fact, massage your brain. How? By massaging your body.
Massage has been proven to increase cognitive function as well as productivity with multiple studies. A study in the United Kingdom showed increases in mental alertness and calmness in the workplace with on-site massage therapy.
From the study: “Choice reaction time tests were used to determine the effect of massage therapy on … the mental processes used to acquire, store, retrieve and utilise information. … Improvement in performance reflected better ability to sustain attention, suggesting that this is a direct consequence of massage therapy. ‘It confirmed what we’ve known for a long time: that businesses have much to gain from onsite massage therapy,’ said Jason Parlour.”
You can view the whole study for more detailed information.
This benefit is not limited to exclusively adult business professionals. Massage Magazine published an article about the improvement in infant cognitive function, based off of a study in 1997 in the professional journal Infant Behavior and Development. Some infants were placed in a play group, and others in the massage group, before sitting in front of a screen to display different images. The succession of images was designed to see how long it took each infant to process that the images were different. The infants who received only eight minutes of massage had a shorter rate of response recovery. This means that after the infant was massaged, the time it took for the infant to process different information lessened.
But massage doesn’t just help infants and adult business professionals! It also helps the elderly. A study showed that residents in a nursing home with cognitive impairment who received massage were less agitated. This was simply a prospective study, which left the administers seeking after more studies for massage therapy to help aid elders having difficulty with agitation without pumping them full of pharmaceuticals.
Massage helps cognitive function in all age ranges. It is important to have your cognitive function at its best in order to be able to contribute as much as you can. If you want on-site massage therapy for your workplace, give me a call, and we can set something up. Otherwise, make sure you are staying up on your massages. They will help you throughout the year to stay calm, organized, and productive.