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Young Living with Christmas Spirit

christmas-spirit-essential-oil‘Tis the season! And Young Living has an oil for that. This combination of Orange, Cinnamon, and Spruce oils brings joy, peace, happiness and security while reminiscing in the winter holidays. The sweet, spice, and evergreen blend is the perfect companion for any holiday home.

You can use this oil directly on your skin, on the wrists, heart, neck, or temples, to help you call those jolly feelings and giving spirit. You can also put a few drops on wood before putting into the fireplace. Diffuse it throughout your home or add it to your bath. I like to spray it on my tree, since it’s fake and doesn’t add the natural pine scent. You can also spray it on pinecones or other handmade presents. Add a couple of drops to a tissue or cotton ball and put it in your drawers.
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Marissa Orchard, LMT
Young Living Independent Distributor # 1582285