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Antoinette’s Transition

For those of you who have been introduced to Under Pressure Therapeutics via Antoinette Sandoval or to those who know her and love her, if you haven’t heard, she is leaving the beautiful city of Fort Collins to start the rest of her life. She will be finishing some packages and such, and will be slowly phased out as she settles in Denver. That being said, if you currently do not have an appointment with her, you will likely not be able to see her, as her availability is extremely limited.

We have been working with Antoinette to hopefully have each of her clients find a new Licensed Massage Therapist they love and will provide a similar experience. We cannot offer the same, since no matter how much training and who you are, each massage is different.
If you would like to know what she’s up to, you can always find her at Empathy Works, which will of course be going with her.
If you have questions on who to see instead of Antoinette, please call and talk to either Marissa or Antoinette.