2016 Massage Therapy Awareness Week

Every year, the American Massage Therapy Association hosts a week of overflowing information about the health benefits of Therapeutic Massage. We strive to educate as much as we can with our newsroom and through out social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+), and as an added bonus this week, you can purchase gift certificates … Continue reading 2016 Massage Therapy Awareness Week

5 Things You Need to Tell Your Massage Therapist

There are many people who seem to view Massage Therapists more as spa workers, rather than health care practitioners, so they do not necessarily feel like they need to divulge important, albeit sensitive, information to the Licensed Massage Therapist working on them. No, we are not doctors, and no, we cannot prescribe medication or even … Continue reading 5 Things You Need to Tell Your Massage Therapist