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Please, Stay Home When You’re Sick

No one enjoys being sick. We don’t enjoy being sick, either! We have some people who come in when they’re sick, and that’s not always the best thing for you.

A massage boosts your immune system, sure; it pushes everything in your lymphatic system through your system quicker. Sounds like that will help you if you’re sick, right? Well, kind of. You might get over the sickness quicker; however, you will feel worse! It dumps all of the worst parts of the sickness on you at one time in the most extreme forms.
Patricia Coe, DC, ND, clinic supervisor for National University of Health Science‘s massage therapy program has stated, “When you have a cold or flu, a massage might seem comforting. However, when you have an infection, your body is already working hard to fight it and recover.  A massage can be very stimulating internally and place certain demands on your body during a time when you should be simply resting.”
There are many sicknesses that we absolutely do NOT want to see you if you have it. Not only will it make you feel worse, we also don’t want to get it.
  • Influenza / Flu
  • Strep
  • Whooping Cough
These are just the 3 biggest ones! As a base line rule, if you have a fever or are contagious, please stay home. Generally, a fever indicates something wicked this way comes, and is usually contagious.
We know that when you’re sick and you feel bad, you just want to come in for a massage and feel good. But please stay home. We don’t want to make you feel like you’ve been hit by a dump truck, and we certainly do not want what you have, nor do any of our other clients. Stay home, drink lots of fluids, and if you need more treatment, ask Dr. Lorraine Caron, ND who is also in our office.