Deep Tissue vs. Sports Massage

At Under Pressure Therapeutics our massage therapists specialize in a wide variety of massage techniques from Reiki, Neuromuscular, Sports, and Prenatal massage, but first and foremost we are a deep tissue practice.
“Well I’ve had a deep tissue massage before.” Or “I don’t like deep tissue, it’s too much pressure.” You may be surprised to know that deep tissue does not necessarily mean deep pressure. Many clients do enjoy deeper pressure massages and receive a lot of benefit from that intense pressure.
Deep tissue however is a fancier way of saying that we focus our massages more to fit your specific ailments. Deep tissue massage is used to release chronic patterns of tension, say that neck stiffness you just cannot get rid of or your chronic lower back pain. Our therapists will work deep into your tissues to un-wind the chronic pain pattern and, therefore, the client will receive a deeper release than a basic Swedish or full body massage. The longer the therapist can spend on a certain area warming up the tissues and using cross fiber friction and myofascial release, the deeper they can get into the tissue with less discomfort to the client.
An even more specific massage technique is sports massage. This is a type of massage where the therapist themselves is well educated in various sports and the muscles used in that sport. As such they can deliver a very specific massage to release and strengthen specific muscles to aid in an athlete’s performance.
Sports massage is popular onsite at sporting events such as marathons, triathlons, and weightlifting meets (and our office does provide onsite massage upon request). It is used to warm up and cool down an athlete and help them get out of their heads and into the competition mindset. It also plays a major role in an athlete’s training and self-care regimen. It can speed up the rate of healing from injuries, provide greater range of motion for tight muscles, and flush the system of lactic acid and toxins produced by the body after a hard training day. It is noted that the therapist and athlete should be aware of their training and competition schedule to know when it is best to receive massage and what type of techniques should be used. The more often an athlete receives massage, the faster their body bounces back from it.
Whether you are looking for relief from a specific ailment or gearing up for your first marathon (lifting is my thing though), you should communicate to your therapist specifically what your goals from massage are and what you would like to focus on. Always remember that we are geniuses in our field but not mind readers! Ask us questions, pick our brains and let us know if there’s something you’d really like to take care of. If one of our therapists doesn’t know how to approach your treatment, chances are we have someone that does. Now that you know a little more about two of the therapies that we offer you will be better able to let your therapist know what you want.
Written by Eleanor Le Fevre

2 thoughts on “Deep Tissue vs. Sports Massage

  1. It’s good to know that deep tissue massage focuses on specific ailments. My shoulders have started to hurt very severely and it has become a serious nuisance. I definitely think that I should find a deep tissue massage service that could help to reduce the pain.

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