Be Covered With Med-Pay

Car accidents are no fun for anyone. They’re even worse when someone was injured, especially financially. Depending on the accident, you might be looking at hundreds or thousands of dollars in medical bills. Usually, most people don’t have an emergency fund for that.


Well, Med-Pay is part of your car insurance to help you cover your medical payments. Progressive says “Medical Payments coverage, also known as MedPay coverage, pays medical expenses for you and any passengers in your vehicle who are injured during an accident or auto-related injury.” It protects you regardless of who is considered to be at fault for the accident.


Starting January 1, 2009, Colorado mandated insurance companies to offer a minimum of $5,000 of Med-Pay coverage. Depending upon the insurance company you use, the maximum amount of Med-Pay coverage can be up to $100,000. Now this coverage is the amount per person per accident. For example: If you have $5,000 of Med-Pay coverage, and there were 3 people involved in the accident, there will be $5,000 for each of those people in the car accident, so a total of $15,000, but each individual can only use up to $5,000.

Now, $5,000 seems like that could cover you if you were in an accident, but let’s talk about why it’s important to have that increased to get you the care you need for pennies.


Say you’re in an accident, and you broke your leg in the accident. You have to be transported to the nearest hospital via ambulance. That hospital is out of your network for your health insurance. You have to then go to a specialist because the break went into a joint. You need surgery. You have follow up appointments. Then you need Physical Therapy to rehabilitate your broken leg. All the while, you also got a concussion and severe whiplash. You need to see a Craniosacral Therapist for the concussion, and you’ve been seeing a Chiropractor and Massage Therapist to help rehabilitate your whiplash. You see the Chiropractor twice a week, the Massage Therapist once a week, and the Craniosacral Therapist once a week. Recovering from that bad of an accident takes a lot of time, so this care regiment goes on for months, perhaps 12-24 months. How’s that $5,000 looking now for those medical bills?


Okay, that’s a really bad accident. Hopefully no one will be in one that’s that awful. But what about a smaller accident?


You’re in an accident. It didn’t seem that bad. You really just tapped the car in front of you. You walked away from the accident, a little shaken up, but overall alright, but the accident bent the frame of the car, so your car is totaled. Thankfully you’re smart and have full coverage on your car, so your car is replaced. Six months go by. You haven’t been sleeping super well, and now your shoulders always feel tight and you’re getting headaches. Sitting for a long time kind of hurts your lower back. Guess what?!? You got whiplash in that small car accident! It only takes 10 mph of impact to create soft tissue damage. And now you want to get Massage and Chiropractic to recover. Well a Med-Pay claim can be opened from an accident up to 2 years after the incident, and can definitely cover your recovery care. And maybe that $5,000 could cover your care.


It’s important to take care of yourself after any accident. Whiplash is insidious–symptoms sometimes don’t manifest for 6 months or even longer. Addressing possible symptoms of whiplash early will decrease adverse complications, and help you moving longer. We have billed insurance directly for car accidents for over 2 years now, so we have a pretty good hold on the process. We can help you get better and we can work directly with your insurance or lawyer to make sure you get the care that you need!


If you want to talk to someone about helping you make sure you have the appropriate amount of Med-Pay on your car accident policy, we have a few trusted advisors.

John Murphy – Allstate – (970) 223-1256

Sandra Nobi – Squires Insurance Solutions – (970) 402-6842

Sam Shada – Farmers Insurance – (970) 484-1400

Every Body Needs a Trainer

We’ve talked about The Kettlebell Method and the importance of a trainer to make sure you’re training your body. Why do we care? WE don’t offer personal training–we massage.


Well, we also care a lot about your health! We know that a body in motion is much happier and even tends to have less pain for many reasons. While we are not Certified Personal Trainers, our focus is muscular health, and we notice how muscles respond differently based on their activity levels.


Typically, someone who works out regularly has more supple muscles. Their tissues are usually better hydrated. They often don’t have deep, deep, stubborn knots like someone who lives a more sedentary lifestyle. And a lot of that has to do with the 4 characteristics of muscular tissue: irritability, the ability to irritate the tissue to engage; extensibility, the ability to stretch; contractility, the ability to shorten and contract; and elasticity, the ability for the muscle tissue to return back to its normal status.


These 4 characteristics are necessary for muscular function, but if you’re not mindfully, intentionally contracting your muscles and working them the way they were made to be used,  it can cause a lot of dysfunction, pain, and unhappiness in the tissues. When you contract muscles and push them to their limits, it creates electricity in your body and mind to engage the muscles. It floods the muscles with blood, which help to keep your fluids moving and your muscles working better. You also push the muscles to extend for maximum contracting ability and you stretch your muscles to help them relax and return back to their normal status. Working out uses all of the characteristics of muscle tissue!


Our society has created a very sedentary lifestyle with all of the similar movements–sitting down with your head slightly forward, arms forward, rounded shoulders and back, and often even curling legs underneath. Frankly put, it’s the fetal position. Keeping our bodies in this chronic state overstretches our back muscles and glutes, and shortens our front neck muscles, pecs, and hamstrings. The overstretched muscles have to work 10 times harder just to return to a normal position, whereas the shortened muscles constantly are pulling on their attaching joints and have to work really hard just to stretch. That combination causes limited range of motion that can put a lot of pressure on joints and nerves, which causes pain and discomfort.


That’s just the muscular health of working out–that’s not mentioning the hormonal benefits, psychological benefits, or any other benefits that come from exercise. Taking care of your body is what we are about, and we want you to have all of the opportunities and tools that might help you take the best care of your body.

Every Body Need a Trainer – Personal Training

Now, we know that not everyone likes going to classes to get fit. Some people don’t even like to go to the gym by themselves, or need a gym buddy to even make them go. And a lot of people rely on Pinterest to give them good exercise ideas.


The reason why it’s important to have a trainer is because that person can tailor your training to you and your individual goals. It’s the difference between sitting in an expensive massage chair or coming to us for your specific needs. Whether it’s physical abilities, previous injuries, or seemingly unattainable goals, having a trainer helps you to stay focused and accountable to your commitment to be healthy.

Greg Bobby with Total Symmetry Personal Training is a fantastic Personal Trainer who loves his job and loves working with everyone! Regardless of what your goals are, he tailors workout regiments and meal plans to help you reach your goals in a healthy, safe, long lasting approach. He also will give you workout routines that will best suit your situation. For example: If you have some workout equipment at home and really want to use that, he can help you with that! His goal with any client is to help educate them on what interests them. Not everyone wants to train like they’re training to win a national physique body building competition. A lot of his clients just want to be healthy or run a marathon.

If you want to contact Greg and see how he can help you, give him a call at (970) 214-5142.

Every Body Needs a Trainer – The Kettlebell Method

Did you know that in addition to it being St. Patrick’s Day that it is also National Everybody needs a Trainer Day??? I know, probably not. Well let me just take a moment on this day to give a shout out to my own dear trainer, Sabra Epp and my gym family at The Kettlebell Method. If you’ve never heard of this locally owned, dynamic, strength and conditioning gym then listen up!

The Kettlebell Method is a class based gym, tailored to all levels of fitness! “Well aren’t kettlebells just a crossfit thing” Heck no! They are an awesome, functional tool used to get you strong and conditioned in no time at all. This Russian Kettlebell Style combines strength and cardio into a 60 min class that will leave you sweaty, pumped, and ready for our famous Tony’s Abs session! (you must attend a class to discover what Tony’s Abs are.) Luckily for you The KB Method offers a free first week, and if you are a guest of mine you can attend our Saturday morning session.

At The KB Method you will learn how to safely handle and use kettlebells, dumbbells and your own body weight to get strong, prevent injury and have fun!


Written by Eleanor Le Fevre