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Every Body Needs a Trainer – The Kettlebell Method

Did you know that in addition to it being St. Patrick’s Day that it is also National Everybody needs a Trainer Day??? I know, probably not. Well let me just take a moment on this day to give a shout out to my own dear trainer, Sabra Epp and my gym family at The Kettlebell Method. If you’ve never heard of this locally owned, dynamic, strength and conditioning gym then listen up!

The Kettlebell Method is a class based gym, tailored to all levels of fitness! “Well aren’t kettlebells just a crossfit thing” Heck no! They are an awesome, functional tool used to get you strong and conditioned in no time at all. This Russian Kettlebell Style combines strength and cardio into a 60 min class that will leave you sweaty, pumped, and ready for our famous Tony’s Abs session! (you must attend a class to discover what Tony’s Abs are.) Luckily for you The KB Method offers a free first week, and if you are a guest of mine you can attend our Saturday morning session.

At The KB Method you will learn how to safely handle and use kettlebells, dumbbells and your own body weight to get strong, prevent injury and have fun!


Written by Eleanor Le Fevre