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A Different View on Procrastination

Written by Noel Beck
Procrastination.  Just seeing the word gives me anxiety. For as long as I can remember, procrastination had been considered a motivator for both school and work.  I always thought that my best work would come out when I was racing the clock last minute.  I still struggle with putting off deadlines, but as I enter this new phase of my life, I’m realizing that procrastination can actually take a more mindful and positive form. Check out the following examples of self care that may help you handle the day to day stressors of life.
Reading for just 7 minutes can lower one’s blood pressure and anxiety levels. However, reading is being recommended as a form of self care. So pull out your favorite book, newspaper, magazine or periodical and give yourself the gift of a good read today.  The outside world will be there when you’re done.
Just a reminder- it’s not necessary to wait for last minute inspiration to be creative.  Today, try to set some time aside for a favorite hobby or fun activity that allows you to express your creative genius.  Some examples could include drawing, knitting, cooking/baking, or even playing imagination games with your kids.  Whatever it is, just remember that it’s all part of your self care by staying healthy with procrastination.
Some of us love it, some of us endure it and some of us will do everything but clean at all cost.  Usually cleaning is something most of us just want to be over and done with as quick as possible, but for your mindful procrastination week, we want you to use cleaning as a slow down in life activity.  And to help take it one activity at a time, heres a a fantastic all inclusive spring cleaning list.  You can start now and take your time instead of trying to cram it all in one weekend.
Going to the gym or a class may not always be something we have time for in our busy schedules.  For those of us that manage to exercise at home, hats are off to you.  When it comes to procrastinating with exercise, make a mindful and healthy decision to set some time aside for a good sweat today.  The National Sleep Foundation recommends cardio, yoga and strength training to get a proper nights rest. Just think- this mindful decision could lead to a happier and healthier future!
Being mindful and taking the time to drink water throughout the day is awesome! Even enjoying a nice cup of tea in your pjs is giving you some quality “me” time.  But sometimes we can unwind with some social drinking.  Have a coffee date with a friend or get dressed up and have a night out on the town.  Whatever you chose to do, just remember its a healthy break that we all can use from life.
Personally, this is one of my favorite forms of healthy procrastination – especially on the weekends.  Whether you’re a kid or an adult, naps are for all of us.  Naps regenerate our minds and bodies which gives us the chance to wake up refreshed and finish our day with a bang! Europe believes in napping so much that they have long lunch periods just so their citizens can grab a quick snooze if they need it. Good sleep in general helps with day to day performance, promotes weight loss and lowers anxiety and depression.  So don’t forget to catch some zzzz!
One of the best ways (in my opinion) to indulge your procrastination bug would be to set some time aside for a massage.  I would procrastinate with a massage everyday if I could! The mental and physical break in a treatment room cannot be beat. And if you’re still feeling the need to be productive, multitask by scheduling a massage and nap while you are there!
All I’m saying is, we’re only human! Give yourself a break once in a while.  De-escalate from life’s stressors and anxieties.  If you can start to view the above activities as positive coping methods instead of life interferences, then you might start to see a whole new emotionally and physically better you.