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Healthy Choices for a Better Work Lifestyle

Written by Noel Beck

May is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month, which is a very long title, but awesome motivation to be healthy at work. Under Pressure Therapeutics is all about keeping a fit and healthy way of life both in a personal and professional aspect. This is so important to us that for the month of May, we want you to tell us all about your efforts in making a healthier lifestyle happen. All month long we want you to tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other form of social media and tell or show us how you are increasing your health and fitness. The person with the most interactive posts on UPT’s social media will win a free 30 minute massage and a free peppermint essential oil at the end of the month! The winner will be announced on May 31st.

To help get your month started, here are a few different methods that should put your mind and body on the right track to a healthier lifestyle.

Get Up and Walk Everywhere

Whether it be taking the stairs, parking farther away, or going for a walk on your lunch, walking is the easiest and best way in getting your body moving. Try suggesting that a one on one meeting take place outside or get up and go walk over to a coworkers work station to ask them a question instead of e-mailing it. This gets the blood pumping and the joints moving. Getting up every half hour or so allows for your body to kick back into gear and will give you some much needed energy. So many people that want to increase their fitness goals tend to start by just walking. Fitbits or pedometers tend to hold people more accountable for their physical activity, so this might be a helpful tool in keeping track of how much walking you are actually accomplishing throughout the day.

Increase your water intake.

Water is amazing! I have met some people that struggle with drinking water throughout the day because they “don’t like the way it tastes.” True, water does lack in the flavor department, but there are flavored water options if you need them. Really, I will just promote getting the water into your body any way you can. Besides keeping yourself hydrated, drinking plenty of water throughout the day improves your digestion and can give you clearer skin. If your work doesn’t provide a drinking fountain or water bottles, go out and purchase a reusable water-bottle. If it’s your favorite color, or has an awesome saying/picture or is just fun to drink out of, this may inspire your to drink more water. I know it has helped me in the past.

Eat something.

I have never seen anyone eat so much as my sister. And when I say this, it is complimentary. My sister is fit and does not struggle with weight problems. But she is kind of like a bunny rabbit with an amazing metabolism. In the mornings she will eat an oatmeal/chia seed combination breakfast or a meal replacement shake (depending on how late to work she is). When she gets to work she has a banana. At 11am every day, she goes to lunch and eats some awesomely healthy meal. When at around 2:30pm, she will have a cucumber and crackers. She has some trail-mix around 4:30pm and then makes sure she eats a small dinner before 7pm. According to dietitians this is how everyone should be eating! And this has been and will probably always be the way she naturally eats. If you can fit some healthy snacks into your day, it will help energize you and keep the work monotony at bay along with keeping you feeling full and satisfied.

Breathe Deep.

Breathing and taking a few minutes to meditate at work will help with stress, anxiety and just all around craziness. At a previous job of mine, my boss highly encouraged different breathing techniques and meditation with both clients and staff to help keep everyone on a positive page. For a quick guided meditation, check out the Stop, Breathe, Think app. It’s short, sweet and will get your back on track to a great mental day.

Get a massage.

If only we all worked at a corporate company like Google that provides in-house massage… but since we don’t, sometimes companies will bring bring in massage therapists for chair massages once a month. This is great for the suggestion box and really keeps employees on the happy side. Taking a 30 minute massage at lunch is also an option, or see about doing a work contest where the prize is a massage gift card.

There are so many other ways to practice healthy habits at work. Making sure you’re sitting in an ergonomic chair that keeps your posture looking good or doing some stretches in the brake room are just a few other ideas. Really it just comes down to incorporating your fit lifestyle into your daily work routine. So keep up the healthy activities and don’t forget to tell us about them!