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Why You Should See Us After a Dentist

No one likes dental work. Except maybe dentists.


We have quite a few clients who make sure they see us after a dental appointment, whether it’s a routine cleaning, or after a filling or crown. Why? Because after an hour or more with your neck tense and cocked to one side with your mouth open and trying to not tense your whole body (but doing that anyway), having a massage can help to calm your muscles, soothe your anxieties, and even help you recover from being numbed.

Gentle, soothing pressure can help your body dissipate the remaining numbing agent if you had a procedure done. That same light pressure can help to reduce inflammation, which shortens recovery time. The lighter touch will stimulate those areas, but not overly stimulate, so that you can get back to chewing normally much quicker!


If you went in for a routine cleaning, lying in that chair with your head cocked slightly to the right and your mouth wide open for an hour is hard on your neck and jaw muscles. Massaging all of those muscles after being in that constant contraction helps you bounce back quickly. Even if you come for just a half hour session, you will be able to see a difference with how quickly you recover.


Please, if you’ve just had a dental surgery, wait at least one week. We need the swelling to go down before we could work on your jaw, but we also need to wait until your body is more back to normal. Even if you don’t want to have your jaw and face worked on, we can’t give you a deep tissue massage as long as you are taking pain killers. We do want to work on you and help you with your recovery–your body just needs to be ready for it.