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Massage After Recovering from a Car Accident

Written by Eleanor Le Fevre


If you are an avid reader of our newsletter (which I am sure that you are) then you know by now the importance of massage therapy after a car accident and the benefit it can have on your soft tissue recovery. But did you know that you should continue your massage therapy program even after your case has been closed?


Soft tissue damage can have a long lasting and recurring impact on your body for years after a car accident, even if you received treatment and massage very quickly after injury. Once you injure an area of your body it becomes more susceptible to injury later and sometimes new pathologies can creep up due to compensation patterns or how your body reacted to the initial injury.


We have seen clients who could barely move their neck due to a car accident that occurred 30 years previous or had chronic lower back pain and had to be careful with every motion. The extensive whiplash or soft tissue injury and the stresses of life compiled with not receiving massage and other care to address the whiplash compounded into a serious issue.


Maintaining a regular massage schedule can stave off these injuries and help to correct compensation patterns in your body that may arise long after your car accident treatment is over. Think of it as flossing for your musculature! Keeping on top of flossing keeps cavities at bay and your mouth happy. Staying regular with your massages keeps your muscles and connective tissues happy and speeds up your recovery from any injuries or repetitive stress. The more you get massaged the faster your muscles can heal and return to their normal resting length and tension, because they know just how good they’re supposed to feel!