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Safe Massage While Pregnant

By Megan Jett


Being pregnant can be uncomfortable, to say the least. You have a tiny human growing inside you, putting pressure on your sacrum and making your toes go numb. That baby is pressing on your bladder after you’ve finally found a comfortable spot to sleep, so your sleeping schedule is a bit off too.


That’s why getting a prenatal massage is so great!

It will help relieve the stress and tension of your muscles, and aid in relaxing the body and mind. So lay back and relax because you are in good hands.


What types of massage can you get while pregnant?

Swedish massage is recommended because it addresses many common discomforts associated with the changes brought on by pregnancy. The American Pregnancy Association has found that woman who receive massage bi-weekly for 5 weeks had amazing results. Hormones like norepinephrine and cortisol reduced, and dopamine and serotonin increased.


On top of reducing anxiety and decreasing symptoms of depression, there are many benefits for you such as:

  • Reducing edema
  • Improving oxygenation of soft tissue muscles
  • Reducing headaches
  • Promoting better sleep

There are also great benefits for your baby!

Primal Baby says that babies from moms who received massage during their pregnancy seem to have better motor control, have better social interactions, and are easier to calm down, perhaps reflecting the calmer and more relaxed state of their mothers.

How can you be comfortable during your pregnancy massage?

We have 2 main options: Side Lying or Prenatal Pillows, both with the safety and comfort of mom and baby in mind. We also have pillows and other options to maximize support and comfort.

  1. Side lying position – We use a full body pillow you cuddle and a pillow for under your head. While you’re face-up, you are propped up on a pillow to keep the baby from putting pressure on major blood vessels.
  2. Prenatal Pillows – These pillows are specially designed that are adjustable to contour to your body and baby. These pillows provide a comfortable  support along your sternum and your lower ribs and the outside of your hips.

Keep in mind that we have a TON of different bolsters and supports to help you be comfortable during your massage.


Is it safe to get a massage while pregnant?

There are some special considerations for your therapist to keep in mind while giving a prenatal massage on an expectant mother. Before beginning a prenatal massage, we ask if there is any reason you should not be receiving this massage. We want to make sure you do not have anything we can’t massage you for, such as pre-eclampsia. It is dangerous to get a massage with it because it is a type of toxemia characterized by high blood pressure, excessive swelling in the arms and legs and sodium retention. There are other risks we need to be aware of, so if you aren’t sure if it is safe, just tell us and we can determine if it is.


We need to avoid specific pressure points for expecting mothers. AcuFinder has a great article on breaking down these points. We are trained to know what points to avoid during pregnancy to help you stay safe while getting your relaxation.


You will be focused on that child’s safety for the rest of his or her life, so please relax and let us take care of you both. You deserve it!