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Big Sale Before New Prices

We have officially been in business, serving the Northern Colorado Community for 9 years! It’s all thanks to YOU! Thank you so much for supporting us and trusting us with your therapeutic massage care.


Yes, we are raising our prices. We do that about every 2 years or so. But we never do it without first having a big sale on everything! We are also now offering a few new services, so be sure to check those out!


What are the new prices?

At Under Pressure Therapeutics, we haven’t differentiated prices on type of massage, like some other places. If you’re getting a prenatal massage or a TMJ or a Deep Tissue or a Swedish, you’re paying for the time used on you. That way you never have to worry about booking what’s right for you, nor do you have to worry about getting up-charged because you teetered into a Deep Tissue massage. We also charge the same prices for Private Yoga and Table Thai Yoga Massage as we do our other massage services. That being said, our new service prices will be as follows:

  • 30 Minute = $45
  • 60 Minute = $80
  • 90 Minute = $120
  • 120 Minute = $160
  • Couple’s Massage 60 Minute = $130
  • Couple’s Massage 90 Minute = $200

What about Members?

Gemstone Members save every month on all of their services. They also get other great benefits, like 50% off an additional massage the month of their birthday, discounts on the Salt Cave, and more. Here are the changes to the membership:

  • Sapphire Membership = $68 / month
  • Emerald Membership = $102 / month
  • Diamond Membership = $136 / month
  • Salt Sessions = $36 / session (20% off)
  • Couple’s Massage 60 Minute = $120
  • Couple’s Massage 90 Minute = $190
  • Private Yoga / Reiki = 15% off

Each additional massage for all members is 15% off. The upgrade discounts are still the same, and so are the other great benefits that members enjoy.


Because of how our Gemstone Membership works, we agree to certain prices for 6 months, and then go mont-to-month. Because of that, if your membership is less than 6 months along, you get to retain the monthly auto-debit of the current prices. That means that if you don’t have a membership and you sign up before July 1, you get the current prices for the auto debit for 6 months!


We are still offering our Student and Retiree/Senior discounts at the same price as they always have been.


What’s on sale?

  • Gift Certificates! 15% off all gift certificates for any service we offer. We will likely not be discounting them for these prices again. You can purchase online or at your next massage.
  • Packages are going away starting 7/1/19, so this is the LAST CHANCE to get them! And as our big blow out sale for these, take 5% off any package! You can purchase these online or next time you come in.


What new services are being offered?

  • Reiki – Can be an add-on or a stand-alone service. Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique that helps balance your emotions and has been shown to help with PTSD.
  • Cupping – A great add-on to your massage. Cupping helps to really relieve stagnation and promote healthy muscles and tissues.

If you haven’t checked out our Private Yoga or a Table Thai Yoga Massage, please do. We also will be continuing our Self Care 4 Pack.


Take advantage of these opportunities on Gift Certificates and Packages. And if you want to save on your massages year-round, sign up for our Gemstone Membership. And don’t forget to book your next massage.


The Orchard is also celebrating its business birthday, celebrating 4 years serving our community. Check out their deals, too, including a special offer on Marissa’s Life Coaching program.