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It is with a very heavy heart that we are closing the clinic, per the request of the Governor’s urges for no non-emergency services to be performed for 15 days. We do not want to risk you or our staff members, and you just can’t practice the Social Distancing guidelines and touch someone for an hour.


We are hoping to reopen April 1, and we will inform you if anything changes on that front.


If you have an appointment between now and April 1st, and this is the first you’re hearing about it, please bear with us. We are trying to contact everyone, but we currently have one person working to manage all of this.


The Orchard is still open for various services and salt products, including a Salt Cave Special to help bolster your health and wellness.


In the meantime, we are offering a 25% discount on massage certificates. We have service based certificates and dollar amount certificates available. We would prefer these to be made online, however The Orchard is still open and Marissa will still be managing things, so you can also come in for your certificates if you want our beautifully branded certificates.


We are hoping to offer videos in the coming weeks for at-home massage techniques, stretches, and even meditations and mindfulness practices that can help you stay calm and healthy. You are our number one priority, and we want each of you to be happy and healthy! If you haven’t followed us on Facebook or Instagram, please do to keep in touch and get any updates.


For Members

If you have been auto-debited for the month of March and have not received your massage, you can use it in April and come twice once this is all over. If you would prefer to not be charged in April, we completely understand that–please call or text (970) 286-0033 to make those arrangements. If you can continue your regular charges, that would help this small business out during this time, but all of this is out of all of our control, so we are rolling with the punches.