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Car Accidents

At Under Pressure Therapeutics, we work with chiropractors, acupuncturists, physicians, and others to help you recover from the long-term issues that stem from a car accident. 


The accident can be as small as a fender bender, or as big as a 3 car pileup or roll-over accident. The important thing to know is that your car insurance should have MedPay coverage. The State of Colorado set a standard of $5000 of MedPay coverage, and you have to specifically opt out of that coverage, but you shouldn’t! In fact, you should make sure you have the most coverage you can afford, because it’s not that expensive and it can save you financially if you’re ever in an accident to get the physical care you need.


Being in a car accident can leave you in tremendous amounts of pain. Sometimes, it can be the cause of issues later on in life, especially if not addressed. It is important to take care of any injury as soon as possible after the injury to prevent issues down the road. This is where massage can step in and help.


Symptoms of Whiplash:

~ Headaches

~ Neck Pain

~ Back Pain

~Jaw pain and other jaw related issues

~ Referred pain in shoulders

~Numbness / Tingling in Arms or Hands


While whiplash is the most common injury in an auto accident, it is not the only injury one sustains during an accident. It only takes a collision at 10 mph to cause soft tissue damage. In more serious accidents, knees can be bruised, hips can become offset, and lower backs can begin deterioration within discs. It is extremely important to treat every accident as though you are not certain of what can be injured.


Just because you aren’t bleeding doesn’t mean you aren’t injured.


Most people don’t think twice about a car accident–you didn’t have to go to the hospital, and you don’t have any bruises. Why would you be injured from that little fender bender that “barely” left a scratch on your car?


It’s extremely important after an accident to receive rehabilitative massage because it will help relax the muscles and allow them to heal in their proper place, so to say. After an accident, our bodies have been through the ringer! We are stressed. We’ve been hurt. We have pain. We have to deal with insurance. It’s not fun! That’s why getting rehabilitative massages to help work out all of that tension along with the tension from just the accident can change the entire situation.


The main benefit of adding rehabilitative massage therapy after an accident is the nature of rehabilitative massage: fixing the problems. We focus on the whole muscular system and what muscles connect to where and what they do and why a muscle in your forearm is going to help your neck pain. Rehabilitative therapy is about making sure we address as many of the issues we can and anticipate possible further issues.


We do require a Therapeutic massage referral form from a physician. This can be from a chiropractor, acupuncturist, general practitioner, or physical therapist. If you do not have a form, you can print ours off and have your referring doctor fill it out with appropriate diagnosis codes, recommendations, and any other information the referring doctor needs to give us.


The paperwork is rather extensive, and it’s necessary, so please call us prior to your appointment so we can verify information and ensure we can help you. We also will email you our paperwork for you to fill out before your first appointment. If you can’t fill it out prior to your appointment, please arrive 10-15 minutes early.