National Stress Awareness Month

Written by Eleanor Le Fevre National Stress Awareness Month, sounds silly right? Really if you think about stress and its effect on your body, mind, and spirit, EVERY month should be stress awareness month! Chronic stress is linked to the 6 leading causes of death including heart disease and cancer. Stress! Can you believe it? … Continue reading National Stress Awareness Month

20% off Lavender in April 2017

We love Lavender Essential Oil, and we think that it needs to be a staple in everyone's medicine cabinet! From cuts to bruises to stress management, Lavender oil helps with so many things! If you have to choose only one oil to have, Lavender would be it!   To learn more about lavender oil, check … Continue reading 20% off Lavender in April 2017

Young Living with Progessence Plus Serum

Young Living prides itself on many things, the biggest being natural health products. They have lines for skincare and for pets that are natural without harsh chemicals. The 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils of copaiba, sacred frankincense, cedarwood, bergamot, peppermint, and clove with wild yam extract suspended in coconut oil makes this serum a must-have … Continue reading Young Living with Progessence Plus Serum

Holiday Deals 2016

For the last 3 weeks of the year, take advantage of our holiday deals. Thieves, Massage Blocks, and a special on Gift Certificates!   Thieves We are continuing to take 20% off of the entire Thieves line. That includes the amazing Thieves essential oil, hand sanitizer, mouth wash, household cleaner, and more! Don't know the … Continue reading Holiday Deals 2016

The Story Behind Thieves

The story of Thieves oil has always been an example of the evolution of medicine and and example of how many old medicinals have fallen into obscurity. Historically, doctors would use herbs and plant compounds to heal and protect from ailments. During the terror of the Bubonic Plague, doctors wore an old type of hazmat suit, … Continue reading The Story Behind Thieves

Fight with Thieves This Year

Time to stock up on Thieves Oil!    Young Living Essential Oils has a whole, amazing line of different Thieves products, and we have talked about the amazing benefits of Thieves oil, spray, and more before.   This month, we are doing an extra special deal--20% off ALL Thieves products!!   Here's a whole list … Continue reading Fight with Thieves This Year

Young Living with Lavender

I cannot believe that I have not boasted about the amazingness that is Lavender Oil yet!! Lavender is known for its relaxing properties--most people think of the lovely scent of lavender when relaxation is in order. However, did you know that lavender can be good for: Dry skin Oily skin Psoriasis Eczema Rashes Blisters Reduce … Continue reading Young Living with Lavender