Celebrate that Special Someone

Spending time with someone is a great way to show how much you care about them. So why would you get that person a certificate for a massage? When you aren’t with them while they enjoy it? When it’s a reason to be away from you?


Giving a specialized gift like a gift certificate for a massage shows that individual that you care so much about them that you want them to do things to take care of themselves. Self care is a necessity, especially in this day and age of always going everywhere and doing everything all of the time.


Here are some reasons why you should get your significant other a certificate for a massage:
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Even if it’s for just an hour of being apart, your beau will be thinking about how great it was that you gave that special gift the whole time. You are the reason they are feeling so good, so they will be extra grateful and happy you gave them such an awesome gift. Added bonus: while they’re getting their massage, do a chore or two that they usually take care of. Or you can swing by the store and grab their favorite treat. Use their hour out of the house to surprise them with something else.
  • You don’t have to massage their feet or back. Leave it to a professional! Every time you massage your love’s back or shoulders, it always feels great. A foot rub at the end of the day can really show you care. If your partner has some deep knots, you can also send them to a professional to get the real work done.
  • It’s an experience that helps them feel good. Massage relaxes the body and the mind. When a client comes in with a headache or having had a rough day (or couple of days), they leave with a new feeling of euphoria. Their mind is calm. Their body is relaxed. They just feel … good.
  • They will thank you for it. Trust us. Giving an hour for the one you love shows them you care about their health and well-being. They will be grateful for that hour of self-care.


From now until February 14, purchase a gift certificate for 15% off either online on in our store.

Call or text (970) 286-0033 for questions or to reserve a certificate.

Introducing Bart

We are proud to introduce Sir Bartholomew Rufus Hopkins III, our lucky frog for raffles! Call him Bart for short.


Now until 2018, enter to win a free massage with aromatherapy by coming in for a session. Every 30 minutes of massage equals one raffle ticket, and Bart is filling up, so book your session.


Starting in 2018, we will also be hosting a monthly raffle for various prizes. To enter the raffle, same as above, you must book a session and every 30 minutes of massage is one ticket. The winner will be announced at the end of each month.

Meet Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith has been working for Under Pressure Therapeutics for a couple of weeks now, and she is fantastic! Her schedule is already filling up, so be sure to check her out.


Amanda will make all of your troubles melt away with her soothing massages that will also help you move better. She is also a Certified Yoga Teacher, so she really knows what’s going on in your body as she’s working with you. She has the most experience as a professional, Licensed Massage Therapist at Under Pressure Therapeutics, so you are in (pun intended) good hands!


It’s not too late to try Amanda’s massages for 15% off–any service with her is discounted through October 31st! Call or text (970) 286-0033 or book online.

Meet Lauren Moore

IMG_0548Lauren is a recent grad from the Healing Arts Institute. She loves helping people feel better in their bodies. She has a special talent for working with people with chronic pain without it being an awful experience or too painful. But she can also bring the pain!

Lauren is excited to be part of the Under Pressure Therapeutics team, and we are excited to have her!

From now until September 30th, 2017, book any service with Lauren for 15% off! (Discount cannot be combined with with other discounted offers)

Call or text (970) 286-0033 or book online.


Say hello to our new Gemstone Membership Program! We are excited to announce our brand new membership that will have three different levels to choose from:


Each level has it’s own different perks and of course includes discounts off of our regular massage rates.  When you decide to enroll in the program, please see your regular therapist.


As part of our membership, we ask that you remember the following:

1. Members will respect the 24 hour cancellation policy—failure to cancel or reschedule massages within 24 hours will result in the member being charged full price for the missed service.

2. Members who fail to observe the 24 hour cancellation policy 3 times within one year forfeit their membership and cannot sign up for another membership.

3. Members agree to have the fee for their monthly membership auto debited from their account. Members get to choose the 1st, 7th, 15th, 21st, or 28th as their auto debit day.

4. Should a member be unable to utilize their monthly massage during that month, that massage can roll over for 30 days for use.

5. Members understand that additional massage discounts are not stackable. This means one discount per massage. Discounts for referring friends can be utilized up to 6 months after referred friend comes in for their first session.


These memberships offer some awesome perks, so take advantage! To sign up, call or text (970) 286-0033, email marissa@uptmassage.com, or come in for a service and ask your Licensed Massage Therapist to get you all set up.


We’ve made some slight changes. Check out the full Gemstone Memberships available.

Exciting New Announcements

Under Pressure Therapeutics has been in business for 7 years as of June 1, 2017! Yay! With that, it’s time to change some things around here.


Starting July 1st, 2017, prices are increasing, but we are making each service the same price, except for Rehabilitative Massage
$40 – 30 Minute Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and TMJ Massages
$70 – 60 Minute Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and TMJ Massages
$100 – 90 Minute Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and TMJ Massages
$140 – 120 Minute Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and TMJ Massages


This will also be the last month that you can purchase our package deals at the current rates. Our packages are pretty simple: you buy 5 of any one service and get 10% off; you buy 10 of any one service and get 15% off.


Starting today (June 1, 2017) we are now offering our new Gemstone Membership Program! While prices are not officially increasing until July 1st, the prices for the membership are set at the new service prices. But the great news: signing up for a membership is signing up for discounts! Not only do you get a discount on your monthly massage at Under Pressure Therapeutics, you also are eligible for discounts on gift certificates, additional services throughout the month, Young Living Essential Oils, and special discounts for your birthday and referring friends.


Stay tuned for the full details of the Gemstone Membership! We will get them announced later today.




Mother’s Day is Right Around the Corner

Gift Certificates and Pretzels for Mom!
For this Mother’s Day, when you buy a gift certificate at Under Pressure Therapeutics, you will also receive a 3 pack of Colorado Pretzel Company’s chocolate caramel pretzels! These pretzels are so delicious – they’re the perfect amount of sweet/salty, crunchy/gooey/melty, sweet delicious heaven. It’s a nice little treat to add to your thoughtful gift.
You can purchase your gift certificates in store or online and still come by on Wednesday 10th 10-1, Thursday 11th 10-5, or Friday 12th 10-5 to pick up the pretzels. (If you need to arrange pick up at a different time, please call or text (970) 286-0033 or email marissa@uptmassage.com.)

Healthy Choices for a Better Work Lifestyle

Written by Noel Beck

May is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month, which is a very long title, but awesome motivation to be healthy at work. Under Pressure Therapeutics is all about keeping a fit and healthy way of life both in a personal and professional aspect. This is so important to us that for the month of May, we want you to tell us all about your efforts in making a healthier lifestyle happen. All month long we want you to tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other form of social media and tell or show us how you are increasing your health and fitness. The person with the most interactive posts on UPT’s social media will win a free 30 minute massage and a free peppermint essential oil at the end of the month! The winner will be announced on May 31st.

To help get your month started, here are a few different methods that should put your mind and body on the right track to a healthier lifestyle.


Get Up and Walk Everywhere

Whether it be taking the stairs, parking farther away, or going for a walk on your lunch, walking is the easiest and best way in getting your body moving. Try suggesting that a one on one meeting take place outside or get up and go walk over to a coworkers work station to ask them a question instead of e-mailing it. This gets the blood pumping and the joints moving. Getting up every half hour or so allows for your body to kick back into gear and will give you some much needed energy. So many people that want to increase their fitness goals tend to start by just walking. Fitbits or pedometers tend to hold people more accountable for their physical activity, so this might be a helpful tool in keeping track of how much walking you are actually accomplishing throughout the day.

Increase your water intake.

Water is amazing! I have met some people that struggle with drinking water throughout the day because they “don’t like the way it tastes.” True, water does lack in the flavor department, but there are flavored water options if you need them. Really, I will just promote getting the water into your body any way you can. Besides keeping yourself hydrated, drinking plenty of water throughout the day improves your digestion and can give you clearer skin. If your work doesn’t provide a drinking fountain or water bottles, go out and purchase a reusable water-bottle. If it’s your favorite color, or has an awesome saying/picture or is just fun to drink out of, this may inspire your to drink more water. I know it has helped me in the past.

Eat something.

I have never seen anyone eat so much as my sister. And when I say this, it is complimentary. My sister is fit and does not struggle with weight problems. But she is kind of like a bunny rabbit with an amazing metabolism. In the mornings she will eat an oatmeal/chia seed combination breakfast or a meal replacement shake (depending on how late to work she is). When she gets to work she has a banana. At 11am every day, she goes to lunch and eats some awesomely healthy meal. When at around 2:30pm, she will have a cucumber and crackers. She has some trail-mix around 4:30pm and then makes sure she eats a small dinner before 7pm. According to dietitians this is how everyone should be eating! And this has been and will probably always be the way she naturally eats. If you can fit some healthy snacks into your day, it will help energize you and keep the work monotony at bay along with keeping you feeling full and satisfied.

Breathe Deep.

Breathing and taking a few minutes to meditate at work will help with stress, anxiety and just all around craziness. At a previous job of mine, my boss highly encouraged different breathing techniques and meditation with both clients and staff to help keep everyone on a positive page. For a quick guided meditation, check out the Stop, Breathe, Think app. It’s short, sweet and will get your back on track to a great mental day.

Get a massage.

If only we all worked at a corporate company like Google that provides in-house massage… but since we don’t, sometimes companies will bring bring in massage therapists for chair massages once a month. This is great for the suggestion box and really keeps employees on the happy side. Taking a 30 minute massage at lunch is also an option, or see about doing a work contest where the prize is a massage gift card.

There are so many other ways to practice healthy habits at work. Making sure you’re sitting in an ergonomic chair that keeps your posture looking good or doing some stretches in the brake room are just a few other ideas. Really it just comes down to incorporating your fit lifestyle into your daily work routine. So keep up the healthy activities and don’t forget to tell us about them!

National Stress Awareness Month

Written by Eleanor Le Fevre

National Stress Awareness Month, sounds silly right? Really if you think about stress and its effect on your body, mind, and spirit, EVERY month should be stress awareness month! Chronic stress is linked to the 6 leading causes of death including heart disease and cancer. Stress! Can you believe it?

We are a society who thrives on stress; deadlines, the constant need to be going and doing, staying connected to society at all times. Our blanket response to “How are you” is either “Busy” or “Stressed” at least I know that is my response. According to the American Institute of Stress,  44% of Americans feel more stressed than they did 5 years ago and 3 of 4 doctor’s visits are due to stress related illnesses. Not surprising when stress is linked to 60% of all illness and disease.

So what does stress look like for you? Are you overtired or not sleeping well? Secretly noshing on chocolate in the middle of your day? Are you feeling extra tension in your neck and shoulders, or sometimes find it difficult to take a deep breath? Or do you have chronic stomach issues that will just not go away? These are signs and symptoms of being over stressed, so what can we do about that?

Here are a list of 8 things I want you to work on right now to help you combat stress:

  • Turn off your phone! (That’s right people turn it off!) When you get home tonight just completely unplug and do not switch back on until the morning.
  • Sit outside and breathe. Tress are blooming and birds are singing right now! Go outside for just 5 mins and sit in silence, listen, and breathe!
  • Notice your breathing patterns. Is it shallow? Are you hunched over? Try this; stand up and place your hands over your belly button. Now inhale and fill your belly to 80% capacity, then allow the next 20% to inflate and lift your chest. Reverse the motion on the exhale letting breath out of chest then belly. Repeat 10 times and be mindful of how you feel afterwards.
  • Say no to things you do not want to do. (Within reason) I’m talking about the extraneous stuff that we don’t HAVE to do but feel like we SHOULD. Just don’t do them today, and don’t worry about doing them either.
  • Book a massage! Now I wouldn’t be a good massage therapist if I wasn’t trying to promo the office at least a little bit. Seriously though! We are specialists in the field of stress reduction, this is what we do!
  • Take a bubble bath! Lock the kids (or furry children in my case) out of the bathroom. Light some candles and put on some soft music and just lay there for 20 mins.
  • Lay off the coffee. I know I have no room to talk on this matter, since coffee is essentially my life force. Try some herbal tea, water or seltzer water after the clock strikes noon. It will reduce your anxiety levels and help you wind down throughout the day instead of keeping you amped up. You’ll be ready for your bed as soon as you hit the pillow and have less tossing and turning at night.
  • Lavender oil – super beneficial for relaxation and stress reduction. Try adding a couple of drops to some lotion and give yourself a little leg and foot massage before bed, or put some in a diffuser overnight. As a bonus we’re running a special 20% off Lavender oil this month so it’s a good time to stock up! Or if Lavender isn’t your jam I recommend YL’s Stress Away. It’s a light scent and amazing in a diffuser.

Give some of these a try over the next week and take note of how you feel. Less stressed? Excellent.

Meet Jackie – Our Extern

The Institute of Business and Medical Careers offers a great opportunity for their students and for local businesses, and starting the 17th, we will be hosting an extern. Her name is Jackie, and we are offering massages with her for 40% off!
Discounted services available ONLY with Jackie:
30 min – $24
60 min – $39
90 min – $57
Jackie will be available Monday the 17th through Friday the 21st, and you cannot schedule with her online – you MUST call or text (970) 286-0033 or email marissa@uptmassage.com.
Jackie is a student who is excited to be entering the professional massage world and is eager to learn. She’s quite talented and we are excited to see how Jackie progresses.