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Under Pressure Therapeutics is located at 1918 S. Lemay Ave, Suite A, Fort Collins, CO 80525. We are two blocks south of Suart on Lemay Avenue, but you do have to turn onto Stoney Hill Drive. We are the first building on the right after you turn onto Stoney Hill Dr, based inside The Orchard: An Integrated Health Center. Check out our map.



You can call, email, or text for an appointment or book online!

(970) 286-0033

1918 S. Lemay Ave.

Suite A

Fort Collins, CO 80525


Find your individual massage therapist information:



Justin Hays, LMT: (2nd Left)


Evenings by appointment

Saturday 10am – 6pm


Megan Jett, LMT: (Left)


Tuesday and Wednesday 10am – 8pm

Thursday – Saturday 9am – 3:30pm


Eleanor Le Fevre, LMT: (Right)


Monday 9am – 12pm

Thursday, Friday 10am – 8pm

Saturday 10am – 6pm


Marissa Orchard, LMT: (2nd Right)


Monday 11am – 6pm

Tuesday 3pm – 8pm

Wednesday 1pm – 8pm

Friday 10am – 6pm

Saturday 10am – 3pm




For general information, please email

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