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COVID-19 Response

Massage therapy can be a tricky business during this pandemic. We want to make sure that we are doing everything we possibly can to ensure that you and we stay safe and healthy.


This pandemic is requiring extra precautions from the federal government, the State of Colorado, Larimer County, and the City of Fort Collins, as well as our massage insurances, AMTA and ABMP. Not to mention our own ethical and moral standards.


Please note that we will NOT be discussing thoughts or opinions on our new policies and procedures or the Coronavirus. We will inform you of our policies and procedures, but the massage room is meant to be a relaxing place. Much like how we do not like to talk politics with our clients, COVID-19 is also a subject we will refrain from having in our massage rooms.


We will keep this page updated with any changes as we go.


As of: May 13, 2020


Our policies for clients:

  • Before your appointment, please make sure that you have filled out our health questionnaire.
  • Please wait in your car until your appointment. Call/text (970) 286-0033 to inform us that you are in the parking lot, and we will let you know when it’s time to come in.
  • Masks must be worn by clients and therapists at all times. No exceptions. (f you do not have one, we will have some available for $2 plus tax.)
  • When you enter, your therapist will take your temperature with an infrared thermometer. Anything over 100.4 degrees will immediately cancel your appointment and we will ask that you leave.
  • After your temperature check, please either use hand sanitizer or wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds, following CDC guidelines.
  • Your therapist will then show you to your massage room and do our usual intake.
  • Place clothing and items on the chair provided and nowhere else, please.
  • Contactless payment or prepayment is required.
  • There are no self-serve amenities at this point, so please bring your own water.
  • To ensure we can honor our Members and current clients, with our limited availability, we will not be accepting new clients at this time.

Failure to comply with or outright disrespect of these policies will result in immediate cancellation of the appointment with payment for said appointment. If we turn you away because of a temperature or confirmed symptoms, that’s a different story.


What we are doing to ensure our facility is safe and clean:

  • Each employee’s temperature is taken when they enter the building, and fill out the same health screening.
  • Appointments are staggered to prevent crowds of individuals.
  • Masks are worn in the building.
  • Every surface is sanitized after each massage.
  • Extra time between sessions to ensure the rooms are sanitized.
  • HEPA purifiers are in each room to eradicate bacteria and viruses.
  • Massaging with gloves to reduce possible transmission of illnesses.
  • As we always do, thoroughly washing up to the elbows before and after each and every session.
  • All surfaces are rid of clutter to reduce surfaces needing to be cleaned.
  • Curtains /unnecessary fabrics are removed to reduce possible places of incubation.
  • Shirts and masks of your provider will be changed between each session.
  • Sheets and blankets are gently folded off of the tables to reduce any possible contaminants reentering the air of the room.
  • As always, all massage linens are cleansed in hot water between each use.


We hope that each of you are staying safe and healthy.

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