Born and raised in beautiful northern Colorado, Lauren is a recent grad from the Healing Arts Institute with over 800 hours of education, and she’s still taking classes! She’s always loved massaging friends and family for fun, so she thought that officially learning therapeutic massage would be up her alley.


Very gifted, Lauren loves learning any and every way to help you. She loves working with people who want to learn more about their body and get to the root of issues. She has loved receiving massage to help her connect mind, body, and spirit and wants to help others feel the same way.


Book with her online or call or text (970) 286-0033.


Modalities include: Neuromuscular, Prenatal Massage, Swedish, Sports, and Deep Tissue. She will soon offer Reflexology and Abyhanga massage.


In her spare time, Lauren loves adventuring, traveling, reading, crafting, and learning.