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Massage is good for…?

Massage benefits each client in numerous ways. Whether you need a deep tissue massage to alleviate pains, rehabilitative massage to increase range of motion and recover from injuries, or just relaxation to stabilize your mood and manage your stress, massage can help.


Each of our Licensed Massage Therapists can assist you with most of your conditions. If we can’t help you, we will point you in the direction that will help you.


Therapeutic massage is great for the following conditions:



Back Pain

Car Accidents

Disc and Spine Issues


General Injury


Health & Wellness

Hip Pain

Jaw Pain

Neck Pain

On The Job




Shoulder Pain



If you have issues with any of these, call or text (970) 286-0033 to schedule your next session, or you can book online.


Please note that the items without a link are in the works. If you have suggestions of what you want to know more about, email