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Back Pain

Therapeutic massage has been proven to help with back pain. Therapeutic massage consists of deep tissue massage, rehabiliative massage, or orthopedic massage, where you address deeper muscle fibers and tendons, and work with the whole muscular system with the intention of gaining more range of motion and decreasing pain and resistance in the joints.


Back pain in general can be caused by a myriad of injuries or ailments, and each type of back pain is treated differently.


Upper Back Pain:

Upper back pain can cause shoulder issues or neck pain, which then can cause headaches. Often with upper back pain, a therapist will want to perform deep tissue therapy on the neck and shoulders to see if that helps the upper back. Many neck muscles attach to the upper back and can be the actual cause of the issue.



Mid Back Pain:

Mid back pain can be excruciating. It can make breathing painful and turning difficult.

One quick tip for ladies: Oftentimes, women are wearing the incorrect bra size, which can cause mid back tension. Get sized to see if that helps! And come in for a deep tissue massage to work out that built-up tension.


Low Back Pain:

Lower back pain is the number one cause of disability worldwide, according to an article in Medscape. With that being the number one cause, you would think that more people would try to prevent or slow down that degenerative process. An article by WebMD states that massage is “serious medicine, at least when it comes to treating persistent low back pain.” Lower backs are usually the first part of the back to “go out” or develop dysfunction. Deep tissue massage can help prevent injuries and rehabilitative massage can help you recover back to a full-moving individual.


Therapists to help:

All of our therapists are very in tune with back pain and how to help through either deep tissue massage or rehabilitative massage, depending on how much care you need.


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