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Massage Blocks

Under Pressure Therapeutics is excited to announce that we will now be selling Massage Blocks! These blocks are designed to help you at home, so when you come to us, we can work on things that they can’t. They’re ideal for dealing with Trigger Points, a tight point within a muscle that causes muscular dysfunction. The rubber is designed to provide a firm pressure while simultaneously being comfortable. We will be posting videos and suggestions on how to use these great tools.



Massage Block Options:


Do you suffer from headaches? Neck pain? The TwinBlockPro is the best block out there! Place this under your neck while lying down, and feel the neck tension dissipate.







The BackKitPro kit works best by using the two double bumped blocks on your lower back, or along your spine while you lie down, and using the smaller block for more pesky areas, like between your shoulder blades.






Get creative! Each one of these blocks in the BlockSetPro can be usedfor a myriad of different physical ailments. Use the large one for general work, medium for more defined work, or the small one for very specific work.






Take home the whole kit to use at your leisure. Use each piece of the CompleteSetPro for its intended purpose and experiment with other ways you can benefit from the whole set.

Available Colors


All of these great tools are available in 4 different colors.


To order, email or call / text (970) 286-0033.