Car Accidents

Whiplash is a very serious injury that often will lay dormant until week, months, or even years later. It only takes an impact of 10 mph to cause damage to soft tissues. Obviously, the faster and harder the impact, the deeper and worse your injuries.


Upon getting in an accident, you run the risk of more injuries than just whiplash, although that may be the most difficult one with which to deal. You can suffer from neck, back, face, internal, brain, or even psychological injuries from one simple car accident. Usually, you’ll feel it in your neck, maybe your lower back, at first. After the initial pains and shock wears off, then the pain might “move” to other areas. What that really means is that the initial pains have subsided enough for you to feel where else you are experiencing pain or dysfunction. Sometimes, it goes up in your jaw, or maybe down your arms or legs. All of this will depend on the type of accident and how your body deals with traumas.


Most people don’t think twice about a car accident–you didn’t have to go to the hospital, and you don’t have any bruises. Why would you be injured from that little fender bender that “barely” left a scratch on your car? Because of that first paragraph that states “It only takes an impact of 10 mph to cause damage to soft tissues.”


It’s extremely important after an accident to receive rehabilitative massage because it will help relax the muscles and allow them to heal in their proper place, so to say. After an accident, our bodies have been through the ringer! We are stressed. We’ve been hurt. We have pain. We have to deal with insurance. It’s not fun! That’s why getting rehabilitative massages to help work out all of that tension along with the tension from just the accident can change the entire situation.


The main benefit of adding rehabilitative massage therapy after an accident is the nature of rehabilitative massage: fixing the problems. We focus on the whole muscular system and what muscles connect to where and what they do and why a muscle in your forearm is going to help your neck pain. Rehabilitative therapy is about making sure we address as many of the issues we can and anticipate possible further issues.


Here at Under Pressure Therapeutics, we can bill your car insurance directly for your MedPay benefits. Part of what you pay insurance for is just that–to take care of YOU!



All of our therapists are trained to help you recover from a car accident. If you have questions about which therapist will fit best with your personality, specific injuries, or athletic prowess, please call 970-286-0033 or email us at


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