Whether you are experiencing tremendous discomfort, sciatic pain, swollen feet and ankles, or your pregnancy is just making you a little more tired, massage can help ease your stresses during this time. The American Pregnancy Association lists many of the benefits of massage during pregnancy. There are some areas of the body that your Massage Therapist need to avoid during pregnancy, so it is important for you to trust your Massage Therapist. Our therapists are highly trained and have worked closely with acupuncturists to help ease discomfort from pregnancy and to be cautious of the areas to avoid.


We offer two ways of laying with the baby belly:

  • Side-lying position: Laying on your side with pillows around you to support your head and neck and also to give support between your knees
  • Face-down with prenatal pillows: These pillows have cut-outs for your stomach and can be adjusted to fit your size.

Each woman is different and each body responds differently to pregnancy. We want to honor that and do what makes you feel most comfortable. If you just aren’t finding that comfort with the prenatal pillows and prefer to do a side-lying position, just tell your therapist. We will accommodate.


Antoinette owns Empathy Works, which hosts different classes and workshops. One of those is an Infant Loss and Miscarriage Support Group. Contact Antoinette to RSVP and for more details.


*NOTE* We do have a policy of waiting until the mother to be is out of the first trimester before we preform a massage.


Young Living Essential Oils:

There are some that are great, and some you want to avoid altogether. Visit our Pinterest to see a great infographic.

Order Young Living Essential Oils by email at marissa@uptmassage.com or online.

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