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Q: How many massages do I need?

A: That depends upon what your goals are. If you can barely move and have a
lot of trauma, it will take many sessions of massage. If you’re coming
in to relax, once a month is sufficient. Ultimately, that will be
determined between you and your massage therapist.


Q: Is it supposed to hurt?

A: Hurt, not exactly. We don’t want to be causing harm to your body. As far
as pressure / discomfort are concerned, we want you at about a 7/10 on a
pain scale. This allows us to maximize the therapeutic value. We want it
to hurt so good, which is also the name of a blog post we’ve written.


Q: Do I have to go nude?

A: No, you don’t, especially if you’re getting a Table Thai Yoga Massage.
Now, the less you have on, the more techniques we can do, and we only
expose what we work on, and there are certain things we just don’t work
on. We have a blog post about this.


Q: I don’t like deep pressure, but I have a lot of pain; can I still get
benefit without deep pressure?

A: Yes! Again, we don’t want to harm anyone who comes in for services. We
work with what you can handle, and it’s been our experience that as we
address issues gently and start working through the sensitivities, the
client often will start to prefer deeper pressure. It’s not always the
case, and either way, we work with what your body can handle.


Q: I’m pregnant–is massage safe?

A: Yes! We have MANY articles and information on this. We also have a
special prenatal waiver we have you look, fill out and sign to make sure
we keep you safe on the table. The only thing we ask is that if you are
a high risk pregnancy, we MUST have a doctor’s note allowing us to work
on you.


Q: I recently had surgery. Can I get a massage?

A: The short answer: YES! Please come in after surgery! The longer answer:
Depending on what kind of surgery, where it was, when it was, and your
current recovery process, we may need a doctor’s note to clear you for
massage. If you’re concerned, please ask your doctor.


Q: Can I get massage after cortisone injections?

A: Yes, but we need to wait 3-10 days after the injections to massage in
that area. The purpose is to keep the cortisone in that specific area,
and massage can increase how quickly it dissipates, rendering it less
effective. But we can always massage the non-injected areas.


Q: I’m sick but can I still come in?

A: No. We strive to keep our workplace clean and our staff healthy. It can
also make you feel sicker if you come in for a massage. Please
reschedule with at least 24 hours’ notice if you are sick.


Q: Do you offer any … “special” services?

A: Absolutely not. We are Licensed Massage Therapists and will absolutely
kick you out for inappropriate behavior, which includes asking if we do.


Q: Can I come in right after / before I workout?

A: Yes. After a workout is actually really good to help with DOMS (Delayed
Onset Muscle Soreness) and coming in before can help to warm up the
muscles and help you get a great workout.


If your questions have been answered, please contact us at http://(970) 286-0033