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Cryotherapy, while not the most relaxing options, is a great opportunity to help the affected area. Cryotherapy is where we take a huge ice cube and rub it on an area until it’s numb. Then we massage it. You’re numb! We can often go deeper than you usually can handle, which helps break up knots, scar tissue, and adhesions, which will make it less sensitive.


What you can expect from this treatment is decreased inflammation in that specific area, cold in that area, and towels to try and prevent ice cold drips from going other places! No, it’s not going to be the most relaxing massage; you likely won’t slip into a nap. But we promise that it will help with injury recovery.


We do not offer Whole Body Cryotherapy, but we have someone we refer to for that. Whole Body Cryotherapy is awesome and you should try it to reduce inflammation. And if you need extra convincing, the endorphin release you get right after is worth it.


Eleanor Le Fevre and Marissa Orchard offer cryotherapy with their massages.

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