Car Accidents

Being in a car accident can leave you in tremendous amounts of pain. Sometimes, it can be the cause of issues later on in life, especially if not addressed. It is important to take care of  any injury as soon as possible after the injury to prevent issues down the road. This is where massage can step in and help.

Symptoms of whiplash:

~ Headaches

~ Neck Pain

~ Back Pain

~Jaw pain and other jaw related issues

~ Referred pain in shoulders

~Numbness / Tingling in Arms or Hands

While whiplash is the most common injury in an auto accident, it is not the only injury one sustains during an accident. It only takes a collision at 10 mph to cause soft tissue damage. In more serious accidents, knees can be bruised, hips can become offset, and lower backs can begin deterioration within discs. It is extremely important to treat every accident as though you are not certain of what can be injured.

Here at Under Pressure Therapeutics, we can bill your car insurance for your massage care. Med Pay is a portion of your insurance policy that covers medical bills at the time of an accident. To know if we can, give us a call–we can help you with that portion.


If you are coming in for a car accident, please fill out our paperwork prior to your appointment.


We are starting a series to answer all of your questions about car accidents. Check out the first article and stay tuned for more. If you have questions, please email or or give us a call at (970) 286-0033. We are here to help you and answer any of your questions.

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