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Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga is an opportunity to really connect with yourself and to make sure you are practicing yoga safely.

Private yoga is a great opportunity for all levels of practicing yogis to bring a new dedication to their practice. We have Megan Jett and Amanda Smith as our wonderful Certified Yoga Teachers, and they bring something special to each yoga session.

With each private yoga session, the teacher gets to focus on you and your abilities, needs, and goals.

Why would you want to try a private yoga session?

For beginners a private yoga session is a great place to start. Your teacher will help introduce you to the poses and postures. She will teach you the philosophy of yoga and how to incorporate it into your life. She will also go over your goals, whether that be increasing flexibility, having more strength, or just inviting more peace into your life.

Are you a seasoned yogi? Are you having trouble getting certain poses? Do you want to know new ways to challenge your practice? Seasoned yogis can benefit from a private yoga class by deepening their practice.

Adaptive yoga can be difficult in a classroom space. If you have limitations, a private yoga class is great to determine what poses you can do and what options there are with each pose for any limitations you might have.

Yoga at Under Pressure Therapeutics

You can absolutely book a Private Yoga class at Under Pressure Therapeutics. But we also have a great package you can use. An hour of Private Yoga followed by an hour massage leaves you feeling blissful.

Try a Private Yoga and Massage Package for $110.

Call or text (970) 286-0033 or book online.