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Rehabilitative Therapy

Rehabilitative Massage

Rehabilitative Massage (also can be called Medical Massage or Orthopedic Massage) takes into account every aspect of your life for your treatment. Every accident you have ever been in effects your body in a different manner, making your body hold itself and process new injuries in a different, sometimes ineffective, way. Rehabilitative massage combines Active and Passive Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, and Myofascial Release. The Massage Therapist analyzes your posture as well as specific details of your most recent accident(s) to create a treatment plan designed for you and your pain.

What is Rehabilitative Massage?

Rehabilitative Massage can go by a few other names: Medical Massage, Orthopedic Massage, Outcome-Based Massage, and Recovery Massage are just a few. Taking into account the other names this type of massage might go by, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that this modality focuses on creating a lasting change within the muscles, tissues, and joints to help you move better, feel great, and accomplish physical tasks.

What makes this type of massage special?

With rehabilitative massage, we create a plan for your specific ailment or dysfunction that we help you achieve. This can be something as small as being able to have full range of motion in your shoulder all the way to recovering from an intensive surgery.

To successfully rehabilitate an area, there’s a protocol we follow to introduce maximum healing. First, we must normalize soft tissues; this means that we need to make sure you can move and we need to assess that any inflammation that might occur isn’t going to be exacerbated by what we do.

Does it hurt?

It can. Our goal is never to cause you harm,  but deeper tissues is typically where the root of issues lie. To get to those tissues, we might cause some pain. Change can be painful, and this is no exception. Ultimately, we want you more on the uncomfortable side and less on the torture side, so it’s important to talk to you massage therapist consistently through your session to ensure that pressure is manageable and that you are receiving maximum benefit.

As far as pain is concerned, we want you at a 6 or 7 out of 10 on a pain scale–MAX!! We do NOT want to go over that 6 or 7. At that point, it goes from therapeutic to torture, and again, we do not want to torture you! We want to help you. The 6/7 amount of pain should be something you can breathe through and relax into. If you can’t breathe, it’s too much. If you’re wincing and tensing up everything else, it’s too much. If it’s too much, you need to tell your massage therapist! We are trained to pick up on certain cues, but we also don’t know what’s going on inside your body and mind. We aren’t mind readers; sorry. You may think it’s obvious that you’re in pain, but pain is subjective and internal, and unless you are an extremely vocal and expressive person, we won’t know the extent of discomfort you are experiencing unless you say something about it. We don’t want to hurt you; we want to help you, and we can only help so much if you’re silent.

What’s it good for?

If you’ve been in an auto accident, we can help you through orthopedic massage. It’s ideal for post-injury or post-accident to help you rehabilitate your tissues and joints for better movement. If you’ve recently been in an accident, we need to wait 24-72 hours (depending upon how severe the accident) before we can start massaging you.

Orthopedic massage is also good for chronic pain, headaches, tension, and really anything you can think of, except for pure relaxation. This is not a body wrap and eye mask and cushy slipper kind of massage; this is outcome based massage. There is a goal that the client and practitioner are working toward.

All of our LMTs are great with Rehabilitative Massage. Megan JettEleanor Le Fevre, Torrance Lee, Lauren Moore, and Kari Spencer.

This is one of the most effective types of massage, so give us a call or text (970) 286-0033 to book an appointment or you can go online.

For car accidents, your rehab massage can be billed to insurance. Call, text, or email for more details.

Each of our highly trained Massage Therapists offer this type of massage.

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