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Rehabilitative Therapy

Rehabilitative Therapy

Rehabilitative Massage (also can be called Medical Massage or Orthopedic Massage) takes into account every aspect of your life for your treatment. Every accident you have ever been in effects your body in a different manner, making your body hold itself and process new injuries in a different, sometimes ineffective, way. Rehabilitative massage combines Active and Passive Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, and Myofascial Release. The Massage Therapist analyzes your posture as well as specific details of your most recent accident(s) to create a treatment plan designed for you and your pain.


60 Minutes: $120

For car accidents, your rehab massage can be billed to insurance. Call, text, or email for more details.

Each of our highly trained Massage Therapists offer this type of massage.

Book online or call (970) 286-0033 today to schedule your session!

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