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TMJ Massage

TMJ Massage is a great noninvasive treatment for TMJ disorders. Clenching, grinding, clicking, popping – these are just some signs of possible TMJ dysfunction. Pain can be caused from previous accidents or injuries, having braces for 3+ years, having an off bite, getting a crown that doesn’t fit just perfectly, and a myriad of other possibilities. Rarely, a doctor wants to push for a surgery. Exhausting all other noninvasive treatments prior to surgery is the safest way of dealing with TMJ issues.

What is TMJ Massage?

Massage focused on your TMJ (temporomandibular joint).  It will consist of working the entire side of your face, from the bottom of your jaw up to your crown, as well as around your jaw, into your neck, and even inside your mouth! (Don’t worry; we use gloves!) We try to address as much of the joints and any muscle that affects the joints that we can.

Why would I need it?

This specialization in massage focuses on dysfunctions of the jaw joints and the muscles associated with the jaw and upper neck. The jaw is a very complex system of joints and muscles, which leaves it vulnerable to potential injury or dysfunction.

What can I expect?

Because the jaw is a relatively small area of your body, we can typically address the major concerns in a half hour session; however, we do encourage at least an occasional hour to address possible contributing factors, such as shoulders, back, and even hip tension. (Yes! Your glutes can affect your jaw! If you clench your teeth, you clench your butt!) Ultimately, it’s up to you and we will do what you need for your jaw health.

Because the jaw is a smaller area, a TMJ session can be done in about 30 minutes. Oftentimes, jaw pain can cause or be caused by tensions in other areas of the body such as the upper back, shoulders, neck, or even in the lower back and gluteal muscles. While we can thoroughly massage your jaw and help decrease jaw pain in about a half hour, we do suggest booking a full hour so we can address your back, neck, and shoulders as well to see if we can prevent the jaw related issues from reoccurring sooner.

For more information on jaw disorders, please view our blog post or our web post.

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Eleanor Le FevreMegan JettLauren Moore, and Torrance Lee provide this service.