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Types of Massage

At Under Pressure Therapeutics, we offer a variety of types of therapeutic massage. Sometimes, these might be referred to as modalities. Each one is unique and has different benefits.


Modalities used:


Swedish – Most basic type of massage.

Deep Tissue – Addressing deeper tissues, increasing overall benefits.

Trigger Point Therapy – Focusing on specific tender points to alleviate pain.

Neuromuscular Therapy – Reeducating muscular contractions.

Sports Massage – Aiding in athletic performance and training.

Orthopedic Massage – Accident and injury recovery.

TMJ Massage – Addressing jaw dysfunction.

Prenatal Massage – Safe massage for expecting mothers.

Acupressure – Ancient Chinese point therapy.


As our therapists continue their education and receive more training, this list will grow. Please click on specific modalities to learn more and to know which Licensed Massage Therapist uses that specific type of massage.


For any questions, please call or text (970) 286-0033 or email You can also book online at any time.