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Young Living Essential Oils


Young Living Essential Oils are therapeutic grade essential oils. This means that they are in their most pure state, bringing with them the most healing properties. Young Living goes to great lengths to ensure the integrity of their oils, from Seed to Seal. Their Seed to Seal promise means that they are dedicated to the entire process of creating the oils from the seed planted and the soil in which it was planted to the distillation process and sealing of the oils.


All medicines were originally from plants and herbs. An essential oil is a condensed form of that plant, allowing the naturally occurring healing properties to be multiplied. This is how a drop of oil can help alleviate pain, coughs, depression, and much more. While all medicines were originally derived from plants and herbs, essential oils cannot cure ailments and should not be used as a substitute for medication without consulting your physician first.


Check out our Young Living website for our recommended oils, more information about each oil, how you can become part of the team, and much more. Stay current with different oils by following our blog.


Marissa’s Young Living Independent Distributor number is 1582285.