Update on SpaFinder Wellness

Due to recent changes both with Under Pressure Therapeutics and SpaFinder Wellness, beginning July 1, 2017, Under Pressure Therapeutics will no long accept SpaFinder Wellness gift certificates.


We apologize for any inconvenience this might create. You can purchase gift certificates directly with Under Pressure Therapeutics.

Why You Should See Us After a Dentist

No one likes dental work. Except maybe dentists.


We have quite a few clients who make sure they see us after a dental appointment, whether it’s a routine cleaning, or after a filling or crown. Why? Because after an hour or more with your neck tense and cocked to one side with your mouth open and trying to not tense your whole body (but doing that anyway), having a massage can help to calm your muscles, soothe your anxieties, and even help you recover from being numbed.


Gentle, soothing pressure can help your body dissipate the remaining numbing agent if you had a procedure done. That same light pressure can help to reduce inflammation, which shortens recovery time. The lighter touch will stimulate those areas, but not overly stimulate, so that you can get back to chewing normally much quicker!


If you went in for a routine cleaning, lying in that chair with your head cocked slightly to the right and your mouth wide open for an hour is hard on your neck and jaw muscles. Massaging all of those muscles after being in that constant contraction helps you bounce back quickly. Even if you come for just a half hour session, you will be able to see a difference with how quickly you recover.


Please, if you’ve just had a dental surgery, wait at least one week. We need the swelling to go down before we could work on your jaw, but we also need to wait until your body is more back to normal. Even if you don’t want to have your jaw and face worked on, we can’t give you a deep tissue massage as long as you are taking pain killers. We do want to work on you and help you with your recovery–your body just needs to be ready for it.

Stop Headaches Before They Start

June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month and we are going to jump right in and look at some ways to stop the pain before it starts. Are you ready? Let’s go.


Avoid triggers

If certain foods or scents have triggered headaches in the past, it could be time to make a note of them and avoid them at all costs. Things like caffeine, cigarette smoke, and bright lights can be a big culprit in spurring on pain, but it doesn’t have to be that obvious. Perfumes, loud noises, flowers, and even lunch meat have the power to make you miserable. If you don’t know what your triggers are, try being really mindful about how you feel.


Workout often

Exercising on a regular basis reduces tension and can help prevent headaches. Choose something you enjoy doing – walking, biking, kayaking, hiking, etc. – and follow the proper guidelines for the exercise you’re engaging in. That means stretching and warming up slowly. And don’t forget proper hydration. If you’re not sure where to start, start with a trainer.

Bonus: It is also said that obesity can be a factor in triggering migraines, so exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight or lose excess pounds.


Eat and sleep regularly

Lack of sleep and skipping meals can aggravate symptoms for the migraine sufferer. Make sure you are getting enough fluids and are eating meals at regular times. Lack of sleep (or even getting too much sleep) will also aggravate symptoms, so implement routine and stick to it.


Control stress

Stress. Stress. Stress. It happens. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid. The only thing we can change is our response to it. Learn techniques to reduce stress levels like breathing, yoga and meditation. You can also combat stress with a massage, a long walk, a hot shower, or whatever you need to do to take the edge off.


According to the Migraine Research Foundation, nearly 36 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches. Acknowledging the triggers and patterns surrounding your migraine episodes will help you figure out what’s causing them and minimize your chances of experiencing headache pain.


Say hello to our new Gemstone Membership Program! We are excited to announce our brand new membership that will have three different levels to choose from:


Each level has it’s own different perks and of course includes discounts off of our regular massage rates.  When you decide to enroll in the program, please see your regular therapist.


As part of our membership, we ask that you remember the following:

1. Members will respect the 24 hour cancellation policy—failure to cancel or reschedule massages within 24 hours will result in the member being charged full price for the missed service.

2. Members who fail to observe the 24 hour cancellation policy 3 times within one year forfeit their membership and cannot sign up for another membership.

3. Members agree to have the fee for their monthly membership auto debited from their account. Members get to choose the 1st, 7th, 15th, 21st, or 28th as their auto debit day.

4. Should a member be unable to utilize their monthly massage during that month, that massage can roll over for 30 days for use.

5. Members understand that additional massage discounts are not stackable. This means one discount per massage. Discounts for referring friends can be utilized up to 6 months after referred friend comes in for their first session.


These memberships offer some awesome perks, so take advantage! To sign up, call or text (970) 286-0033, email marissa@uptmassage.com, or come in for a service and ask your Licensed Massage Therapist to get you all set up.

Exciting New Announcements

Under Pressure Therapeutics has been in business for 7 years as of June 1, 2017! Yay! With that, it’s time to change some things around here.


Starting July 1st, 2017, prices are increasing, but we are making each service the same price, except for Rehabilitative Massage
$40 – 30 Minute Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and TMJ Massages
$70 – 60 Minute Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and TMJ Massages
$100 – 90 Minute Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and TMJ Massages
$140 – 120 Minute Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and TMJ Massages


This will also be the last month that you can purchase our package deals at the current rates. Our packages are pretty simple: you buy 5 of any one service and get 10% off; you buy 10 of any one service and get 15% off.


Starting today (June 1, 2017) we are now offering our new Gemstone Membership Program! While prices are not officially increasing until July 1st, the prices for the membership are set at the new service prices. But the great news: signing up for a membership is signing up for discounts! Not only do you get a discount on your monthly massage at Under Pressure Therapeutics, you also are eligible for discounts on gift certificates, additional services throughout the month, Young Living Essential Oils, and special discounts for your birthday and referring friends.


Stay tuned for the full details of the Gemstone Membership! We will get them announced later today.




You Might Want Prenatal Pillows Even If You’re Not Pregnant

We offer prenatal massage to our clients who are expecting here at Under Pressure Therapeutics, and there are some obvious and some not so obvious precautions we need to take. The biggest obvious precaution is the fact that a pregnant woman cannot lie on her baby belly face down to work her back! And expectant mothers desperately need their backs worked.


Enter the Prenatal Bolster Set!


It’s not super clear on the picture, but there is a depression in the 2 top cushions for the belly, and the separate cushions allow for larger bellies (when they are really large, like 9+ months pregnant large, we can put pillows under the cushions to allow for more drop for the baby belly) and there are 2 depressions at the top of the top cushion that relieve pressure on the breasts. This system supports you along the sternum and down the sides of the rib cage an on the hip bones, allowing the body to feel supported but not squished.


So if you aren’t pregnant, why would you want to use these in your session? Here are 5 great reasons to use the bolsters in your next session:


  1. You recently had abdominal surgery. A common reason to opt for the pillows is a recent (but not too recent) abdominal surgery. Hysterectomy, appendectomy, bowel obstruction, exploratory surgery, and gallbladder removal are just a few of the surgeries that feel better with little pressure lying down. Now, we don’t want to see you in the same week as a surgery; however, if your insides are still tender and you want a massage, we can help you be as comfortable as possible.
  2. You have a piercing / tattoo / body modification that’s tender. From breast augmentation to belly button piercings, sometimes it’s nice to just have less direct pressure on your tummy. It doesn’t need to be a new one – it can be a recently inflamed one. Sometimes a piercing can get caught on something and pull and just make you tender and sore. The prenatal pillows can allow for some tender care.
  3. You are going through breast cancer treatments. While the prenatal pillows focus more on a depression for your abdomen, there are the depressions for breasts. Lumpectomies and radiation treatments can not only be difficult to deal with emotionally, but having overly tender breast tissue due to a medical treatment plan can defer people from getting a relaxing massage.
  4. You are a larger person. Sometimes when you are carrying more weight than you’d like, lying on a flat table isn’t very comfortable. It puts pressure on your stomach, it’s difficult to have you back in a neutral position, the face cradle might be pulling your head forward and it’s not comfortable on your neck. Whatever your reasons for not feeling comfortable on a standard, flat table, prenatal pillows can allow extra cushion and comfort during your session.
  5. Injury. Head injuries are the most common where you might want the prenatal pillows. The reason being you want your head to stay elevated as you heal. Concussions especially need to be elevated in the early stages.


These are only a few of the reasons to try out the prenatal pillows. They are super comfortable and add a layer of cushion that could enhance your next massage experience. If you want to try them out and see if they add comfort to your massage session, talk to your massage therapist.

Mother’s Day is Right Around the Corner

Gift Certificates and Pretzels for Mom!
For this Mother’s Day, when you buy a gift certificate at Under Pressure Therapeutics, you will also receive a 3 pack of Colorado Pretzel Company’s chocolate caramel pretzels! These pretzels are so delicious – they’re the perfect amount of sweet/salty, crunchy/gooey/melty, sweet delicious heaven. It’s a nice little treat to add to your thoughtful gift.
You can purchase your gift certificates in store or online and still come by on Wednesday 10th 10-1, Thursday 11th 10-5, or Friday 12th 10-5 to pick up the pretzels. (If you need to arrange pick up at a different time, please call or text (970) 286-0033 or email marissa@uptmassage.com.)