What Are You Paying For??

Written by Marissa Orchard   What do you really get when you pay for a massage?   Relaxation is a pretty obvious answer for most people. De-stressing. Fluff. We've ran into people who think massage is only for the elite who have extra money to spend and they can't afford more than a $30 massage. … Continue reading What Are You Paying For??

Highlights: Massage and Insurance

We get a lot of people asking about paying for their massages with insurance. So here's the run down. We currently work with car insurance to pay for massage for injuries from a car accident through MedPay. We can work with Worker's Compensation cases. You just need to request the referral from the overseeing doctor … Continue reading Highlights: Massage and Insurance

5 Tips for Neck and Shoulder Care Between Massage Appointments

People with neck and shoulder issues often have their pain return before their next massage appointment. Work, play and children all make demands on the body. A dull ache can quickly turn into a burning pain especially while folding laundry, doing yard work, playing on the computer or any of the other million things you … Continue reading 5 Tips for Neck and Shoulder Care Between Massage Appointments

Massage After Recovering from a Car Accident

Written by Eleanor Le Fevre   If you are an avid reader of our newsletter (which I am sure that you are) then you know by now the importance of massage therapy after a car accident and the benefit it can have on your soft tissue recovery. But did you know that you should continue … Continue reading Massage After Recovering from a Car Accident

Concussions and Massage Therapy

Written by Megan Jett   The Mayo Clinic defines a concussion as a mild traumatic brain injury, caused by a blow to the head or violently shaking the upper body and neck. This can happen through a contact sport injury, such as football, hockey, boxing, and a car accident. On impact the brain hits the … Continue reading Concussions and Massage Therapy

Update on SpaFinder Wellness

Due to recent changes both with Under Pressure Therapeutics and SpaFinder Wellness, beginning July 1, 2017, Under Pressure Therapeutics will no long accept SpaFinder Wellness gift certificates.   We apologize for any inconvenience this might create. You can purchase gift certificates directly with Under Pressure Therapeutics.

Why You Should See Us After a Dentist

No one likes dental work. Except maybe dentists.   We have quite a few clients who make sure they see us after a dental appointment, whether it's a routine cleaning, or after a filling or crown. Why? Because after an hour or more with your neck tense and cocked to one side with your mouth … Continue reading Why You Should See Us After a Dentist